What's Your Cute Vagina Nickname?


Girls need a cute name for their vagina. Not the crass or clinical terms. Boys have clever nicknames for their private part, so in fairness, girls should have one too. At least that was the sentiment which sparked Anna Kosztovics, a pregnant social worker in Sweden, to come up with the nickname "Snippa," a vagina substitute that caught fire and was added to the Swedish lexicon in 2006.


In less than a decade, a Snippa cartoon was on the airways entertaining Swedish children. Along with its male counterpart, Snopp, the dancing genitals charmed their way into homes via a cartoon, helping to make it mainstream and now the norm in Sweden.

So here's your chance to hijack the dialog and "cutify" the vagina before the feminazis force their terminology into the conversation. What's your idea for a cute nickname?