What really grinds my gears THIS week. (Vol. 3 Still working on that title)

Michael Loftus

So here we are again. Week 3. I show no signs of getting bored with this, so lets continue with some crap that's rubbing me the wrongs way. And just a heads up: If you got something that's bugging you, let me know in the comments below. Maybe I'll back you up. Maybe not. Ultimately it's my choice. You can't really begrudge me that. Lets begin, shall we?

Actors who mumble in movies!

I'm talking to you, Jeff Bridges. Come on, dude! You're killing me! I was trying to watch True Grit last night. It stars Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn. The role made famous by John Wayne. Well, you know how Wayne made that part famous? You could understand the words that were coming out of his face. I'm not kidding. it was nuts. There I am, in my living room with the volume turned up to infinity and I'm still struggling to make out a sentence. Then God help you is someone in the movie shoot a gun. It's like a sonic boom in the living room. Not cool. Now before the attack of the method actors descend on my like a pack of needy locusts, telling me "that's how people talk in real life." I'll tell you something else that happens in real life. People say shit like "WHAT?" and "I can't understand you" and the person talking had to start all over and use a bit of diction. I know that people mumble. But if you take it too far, I'm not gonna enjoy the film. And Jeff? I think you're an amazing actor. An absolute joy. Just think the Coen brothers let you get away with one on True Grit.

Jennifer Rubin is NOT a Conservative.

If you listen to The Loftus Party Podcast you know I have real issues with this chick. She practically lives on the set of MSNBC and the chyron beneath her always reads something like: Conservative Blogger for the Washington Post" (or some such nonsense). Like this lady is the voice of conservatism and she speaks for The Right. I have NEVER witnessed her doing or saying ANYTHING that could remotely be considered Right Leaning or Pro Conservative. Maybe one time at a cocktail party she may have idly said she's glad Osama Bin Laden is dead but that's about it. She is nothing but hyper critical of everything conservative and frankly, you never see her and Bill Kristol at the same place at the same time. there's a very good chance they are one in the same. So please, MSNBC get a real Conservative on ONE of your shows and not this Jennifer Rubin talking head. Or at least have Bill Kristol go back to The Muppets studio and create a newer version. Cause it's getting boring.

Giant Recipe preambles.

Last week was Thanksgiving. Hope yours was fantastic! However, if you're anything like me, you we're scrolling through tons of recipes on Pinterest and being forced to read strangers life stories. It was annoying as all Hell! I just want the recipe for the best green bean casserole, I don't want a ten page essay on life and what the autumn colors mean to you. It was some of the craziest shit I've ever seen! I'm talking about every recipe had a giant intro. "My mother made the best apple pie. She was a stout woman, pure of heart who grew up on the southside of Chicago where apples were scarce. She new the value of a dollar and the value of a hug." I give ZERO shits. Stop with the yammering and fork over the recipe, you long winded lunatic! I bet if your mom were here now, she'd slap you. I know I want to. So I'd bail on that one and go to another. And it was the same shit! Sure the preamble was different but it was still pages and pages of meaningless insights before you actually got to a list of ingredients. Is every food website like this? Cause it's not sustainable. Hungry people WILL revolt. Its false advertising. Someone out there want to make a ton of money? Start a website called Just Recipes No Stories dot com. You will clean up. Give the people what they want!