Loftus Party

Saturday Night Live never shied away from political parody and perfected "fake news" decades before Stephen Colbert took it to a new level with a bloviating Bill O'Reilly character.

Going back to 1992, Saturday Night Live even had election year specials even though they were largely collections of previously aired skits.

This time around, however, SNL is no longer the innovator blazing a trail into irreverent comedy. Under Seth Meyers, Weekend Update took a turn from left-leaning into the blatantly partisan "clapter" humor made popular by Jon Stewart.

When Stewart retired, he exploded into shards of lesser comedians who brought their unique brand to the same self-flattering partisan humor.

Not the least of which was Seth Meyers, who with NBC's blessings, turned Late Night into a platform for, you guessed it, his liberal humor.

It's into this crowded field that SNL is attempting to set up yet another left-leaning news/comedy. Will it work? Maybe. With a polarizing and eccentric President Trump, this can be a golden age of political humor. I personally am turned off to the relentless saturation of left-wing comedy that comes across more angry than funny.

The network executives may correctly be reading the tea leaves or, like Meryl Streep, so cocooned that they cannot see beyond their bubble. We shall see if SNL Weekend Update is filling a need or just trying to grab some of the crumbs left by Meyers, Colbert, Noah, Bee and Oliver.