Paul Hair

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After years of journalists and the rest of the ruling class crying and lying about America putting illegal alien invaders into cages, our leaders have now done just that to us through “quarantines” and “self-isolation.” And they are unapologetic about it. Indeed, they are threatening to imprison those of us who refuse to abide by these rules.

Illegal aliens have had free run over America for decades, harming us and tearing apart our nation the entire time. Journalists and the ruling class have fully supported them. Now, our own governments (with the full support of journalists and the ruling class) are caging us in our own homes. On top of this, our governments are brazenly destroying our jobs, industries, and the economy at large.

“Buh, Paul! There’s a legitimate reason for what our gubmints are doing to us!” you may say. Okay. But guess what? There’s a legitimate reason for confining and deporting illegal aliens who are invading and conquering our nation, and yet we’re told it’s “evil” for us to do that.

What should one think about all this? It’s quite clear to me, but I dare not fully express my thoughts. Suffice it to say that the rage that has been swelling in me for a better part of a decade has grown much hotter over the past few weeks. I’m not about to act on this rage, but it sure does serve as a motivation for me to keep working harder and to keep my head down while I do so.

One final note: the precedent of our governments caging us and taking away our freedoms for the public good has now been set. And if by some miracle I am ever in an executive branch position, you can be sure I would take full advantage of this precedent and make some sweeping changes of my own.

Image: © Paul Hair, 2020.

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