Watch U.S. & Afghan Forces Engage ISIS [VIDEO]

Video shows that the long war is still going strong in Afghanistan.

U.S. and Afghan special operations forces engaged ISIS terrorists on June 1 in Nangarhar province. Video of the engagement provides a clear reminder that after nearly 17 years of war, Afghanistan remains as dangerous and unstable as ever.

On or about July 7, DVIDS released six or so videos featuring U.S. special operations troops conducting operations in Afghanistan. The videos all feature recorded dates of May 31orJune1. One of the June 1 videos (at the top of the page) features “U.S. Special Operations Forces and Afghan Special Security Forces react[ing] to enemy fire while on patrol in support of ongoing operations against ISIS-K in Nangarhar province.”

The video shows the stark reality that U.S. troops are continuing to fight enemy forces in Afghanistan nearly two decades after the September 11, 2001 Islamic terrorist attacks on the U.S., and even as the war often seems to be a distant memory in America.

And while the videos released on July 7 (including the one below featuring a series of airstrikes on enemy targets) are intended to serve as a positive visual for the Trump administration and the American fight in Afghanistan, they do not have that effect. Reporting from The Long War Journal indicates that America is not winning the war, and even continues to fail to understand it (and the variety of enemy forces operating in it) after all these years.

American troops will continue rotating through Afghanistan. And the American government will continue attempting to provide a positive spin on how the war is going. But after a generation of fighting it, the truth is that victory is nowhere closer in sight than it was when it first began.

Note: The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.


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