Watch CNN’s Erin Burnett Lose It over Trump’s ‘Sexist’ Remark [VIDEO]

Paul Hair

On Monday, CNN hostess Erin Burnett played a clip of President Trump addressing the Clemson Tigers football team during their visit to the White House in honor of their national championship. Trump joked about how he had considered having the first and second ladies making salads for everyone but decided to pay for and serve the college athletes fast food instead. Burnett, along with guest Joan Walsh, were furious with this remark, spending the entire segment grumbling about how “sexist” it was.

The clip is quite hilarious (HT: Rush Limbaugh). Trump is obviously making a joke. But Burnett and Walsh apparently have no sense of humor.

One of my favorite parts comes when Joan Walsh says, “We all aren’t here to make salads for men.” Wrong, Joan! That’s exactly why you’re here!

Not only do they nearly throw a fit over this non-story, but they spend a considerable amount of time trying to get the male guest (Republican Scott Jennings according to The Daily Caller) to agree with them.

He refused to do so, which made everything even funnier.

Watch and enjoy.