Stacey Lennox

Her most famous song was “These Boots Are Made For Walking”. Well Nancy Sinatra can put them on and walk to, oh I don’t know, Venezuela? Maybe Cuba? Two days ago she decided to weigh in on the gun control debate and tweeted this:

The murderous members of the NRA should face a firing squad.
— Nancy Sinatra (@NancySinatra) October 3, 2017

Helpful, isn’t she? If you scroll the rest of her timeline it is evident she is a dedicated member of #TheResistance. Her contempt for President Trump is palpable and even when he does something positive and well received, like visiting Puerto Rico and interacting with the victims, she finds fault. She also clearly wants everyday Americans disarmed. So, it’s time for her to be relentlessly mocked as someone who doesn’t even understand what she is saying. Hey Nancy, you know who utilizes firing squads? Fascist governments. You know why they do it? To eliminate dissenters. Nancy by advocating the disarmament of law abiding legal gun owners, you are actually advocating giving them solely to the government which is now run by someone you think is “Literally Hitler”. Does that make sense on the planet you live on? Because here on Earth 1 it makes the brains of thinking human beings want to fracture. But thank you so very much for confirming once again that those on the far Left are perfectly willing to advocate for and even cheer the death of those they disagree with. It has been a winning electoral strategy since about 2010, for Republicans. Keep up the good work.