U.S. Should Deny Afghan Pilot’s Asylum Request

If U.S. troops are fighting and dying for Afghanistan, then Afghans should too.

American troops have fought and died in Afghanistan for 15 years under a strategy designed to give Afghans a safe and free nation. And because of this, the U.S. should deny Afghan Capt. Niloofar Rahmanis asylum request.

President Bush decided that American troops would fight and die in Afghanistan as part of a nation-building strategy. President Obama continued that strategy.

Yet Capt. Niloofar Rahmani, a female pilot for Afghanistan security forces, is now in the U.S. and requesting that she never have to return to her nation. She claims she fears for her life if she does so.

The U.S. has spent far too much blood and treasure on Afghanistan. Weve spent far too much to train Rahmani and other Afghans, and to build up their nation. Rahmani needs to return to her own nation and either defend it or get out of the security forces and live a civilian life.

(Above Video: Official U.S. Navy interview of Capt. Niloofar Rahmani in 2015.)

Surprisingly, there are indications that some Afghans feel as I do.

Reuters reported on Dec. 25 that Afghan officials arent happy with Rahmani.

> Mohammad Radmanish, a defense ministry spokesman, said the government hoped that her request would be denied by U.S. authorities who have spent billions trying to build up Afghan security forces.

> When an officer complains of insecurity and is afraid of security threats, then what should ordinary people do? he said. She has made an excuse for herself, but we have hundreds of educated women and female civil right activists who work and it is safe for them.

And some Afghan civilians arent happy with her either according to the same article.

> Niloofar Rahmani took a million dollars from the pockets of the people of Afghanistan to pay human traffickers to get to America to seek asylum, one Facebook user wrote in comments typical of others.

The American failure to defeat al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan, and to otherwise achieve victory, is an indictment of both Presidents Bush and Obama. Regardless, the U.S. sent thousands of American troops to fight there for the Afghan people, including Capt. Rahmani.

And while Capt. Rahmani may indeed fear for her life in her home nation, thousands of American troops have risked their lives in it; thousands have died in Afghanistan. This cost is too great to allow her to immigrate to the U.S. The American government should deny Capt. Niloofar Rahmanis asylum request and send her back to her own nation.


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