U.S. Restores Buddhist History of Afghanistan while Destroying Own History

Paul Hair

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America is jihading against its own history here in the States, tearing down monuments and demonizing its Founding Fathers. At the same time, it’s helping Afghans restore their history. This help includes American taxpayer money being used to restore Buddhist artifacts.

A July 3 article in The Washington Post reported on a Buddhist restoration project going on in Afghanistan. Providence Magazine highlighted an interesting bit of information from that article (bold, italics, and hyperlink in the original).

Taliban Islamists objected to Buddhas, large or small, as pagan idols, but also as unwanted reminders of Afghanistan’s pre-Islamic past. Totalitarian movements, religious or secular, pretend that meaningful history begins with their rule or its imagined foreshadowings.

Deep in the Post article is this notable info:

The project is part of a larger program funded by the U.S. State Department to help the museum restore historical artifacts. The U.S. government has spent about $47 million on Afghan preservation and related projects since 2002. U.S. officials estimate the total cost of restoring the Hadda sculptures to be about $785,000, and so far, funds have been allocated only through 2020.

So as the U.S. continues destroying its own history, it’s simultaneously spending a lot of money to help preserve and restore Buddhist artifacts and other history in Afghanistan.

Top Image: Screen grab of frame from BBC video report, “Afghanistan's destroyed Buddhas to return.” Image for illustration purposes only and may not relate to what the U.S. is funding.

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