Trump Should Remember Rush Limbaugh’s 2009 Words: ‘Our Time Will Come, Liberals’

Paul Hair

Journalists are whipping up hysteria over the possibility that President Trump might declare a national emergency over the foreign invasion occurring at the southern border. Progressive and conservative pundits are stoking that fire too. They’re saying if Trump does this, he’ll set a precedent for future Democratic presidents to declare national emergencies for any situation they wish. But this is incorrect analysis (even when we ignore the fact that Democrats and Republicans having created the border crisis by blatantly breaking immigration laws). Indeed, if Trump declares a national emergency he will merely be reciprocating on what Democrats have already long been doing with government power. And to get a clearer picture of what I mean, all one needs to do is flashback to 2009 when Rush Limbaugh forecast, “Our Time Will Come, Liberals.”

In mid-February of 2009, right as Barack Obama took office for his first term, a listener emailed Limbaugh. “I’m starting to wonder how we are going to get our country back from these revolutionaries,” she wrote. “Is it time to panic?”

He answered her email in-depth on his radio show, starting off by noting that it was not time to panic, and that Republicans would regain power one day. And then he explained what should occur once that happened.

We’re going to treat them the same way they have been treating us for years. We are going to subject them to the same things they have subjected us to, and we are going to have a big and strong and powerful government to wield against them because they’re in the process of building it.

He later expanded on that.

If they can give ACORN $4.1 billion then we can start paying our groups with federal money. We’re going to do exactly to them what they have done to us. We’re going to build and use the Big Government that they have built and turn it right against them. We are gonna turn the power of government against the left, and against Democrats in ways they cannot imagine. They will not know what hit them. They are using the law. They are using government to advance a cause that is un-American. We are going to use the power that the left is centralizing in the federal government to punish them, to break ’em up, and to make them pay for this. It’s time for tit-for-tat. Nice guy playing by the rules when they don’t, is over. It’s time they got a taste of their own medicine, and it’s going to happen, folks, because they’re not going to hold power forever.

And he was just getting going. Click on over and read the entire transcript.

We don’t know what Trump ultimately will do about the border. Maybe he will declare it a national emergency, maybe he won’t. But if he does, he isn’t “instigating” anything. He’s merely responding to what Democrats have been doing for years.

In fact, while everyone goes on and on about how “extreme” Trump is, the reality is he isn’t extreme at all. He hasn’t even come close to going as far as I would in changing things; in reciprocating on all the people who have eaten away at this nation for years.

So keep in mind what Rush Limbaugh forecast in 2009: “Our Time Will Come, Liberals.” And as you do, also reject the notion that Donald Trump declaring the border a national emergency would be giving ammunition to the Democrats for when they are back in power.

The reality is, he’d be engaging in the tiniest bit of reciprocity.

Image at top excerpt of photo from Rush Limbaugh’s Facebook page.