Trump's Salute to America. The Message Was Perfect! We Dug It!

Michael Loftus

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So Hollywood freaked out. The media freaked out. The pundits freaked out. All the elites freaked out. Over nothing. After all the hand-wringing and talk of dictators, it was all much ado about nothing.

This is turning into a common theme among the media elite. Flip out. Try to get everyone else to flip out. Then regroup when everything turns out to be fine. Russian collusion, anyone? Nope? That's what we thought.

So let's dig into Trump's Salute to America. Sure there was some rain, but come on, it was awesome! Loved it! Loved ALL of it. Trump didn't have hundreds of tanks, loaded with live ammo destroying the Capitol as many predicted. It wasn't an armed takeover of the Republic. Sorry Democrats, I know you're kinda bummed. It was a great speech and a sweet ass parade, plus firework show! C'mon! Admit it. You loved it too!

The flyovers alone were worth the price of admission. Free for yours truly. Watched on Fox. And yes, the president did flex a little bit with the other military vehicles and I dug that too! It's a nice reminder that we kick ass! Our men and women in the military are the best. And they get to operate the coolest shit! Let's show that off every once in a while. We're the good guys. We're allowed to flex on Independence Day. Hopefully most Americans are down with that.

It's a good reminder that once upon a time we had to fight our asses off so we could be free. And that fighting for freedom is worth it. And we are now very, very good at it. Yes, July 4th is fireworks and apple pie. But at its heart, it's a grand reminder that we fought for something worth while. Independence. Freedom. This country is a grand and noble experiment. That people can rule themselves. We don't need an elite class to rule over us.

And how fitting that Trump, the political outsider, had to remind the elite of that very message on this Independence Day. Well done Mr. President. Let's do it again next year.

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-- The Mgmt

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