Tired of All the Divisiveness? Divisiveness Is the Only Option at this Point.

Paul Hair

“I’m tired of all the divisiveness in the country!” You’ve probably heard that sentence, or something close to it, multiple times in recent years. And while I’m not tired of all the divisiveness, if you are you should get used to it, because it isn’t going away. After all, divisiveness is the only option at this point. Protests against the national anthem make this explicitly clear.

America has been dividing for decades, with that division seemingly accelerating every year. We now no longer have common ground on pretty much anything. Half of us refuse to support low taxes, the freedom to decide if we consume sugar or not, the freedom to use plastic bags, the freedom to choose our own health care, national borders, defeating Islamic terrorists, the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, or the fact that there are only two sexes.

That’s a lot of division—division on major issues. Some people think that, “The ability to disagree is what makes America great!” And they believe that we can have unity elsewhere. But they’re wrong on both counts. Why is that? Consider the fact that we no longer can even agree on being a united nation. I’m referring, of course, to the fact that half the country now supports opposing the national anthem.

The national anthem is the one thing that should unite everyone. It’s what says we are a singular nation. And if your fellow countrymen reject that, then you don’t really have a nation any longer—not a united one anyway. What you have instead is a bunch of enemies living in the same land.

Divisiveness is here to stay. It’s the only option at this point because half the nation can’t even agree to the most basic standards of being a country, including the standard of honoring the symbolic expression of being one.