Things that are bugging me. Vol. 2 (Need better title)

This weeks installment of things that bother Michael

Fake news IS the enemy of the People!

Chris Wallace interviewed the President today and they ACTUALLY debated this! Madness! How a reporter can even try to pretend not to get this is beyond me. When a news outlet purposefully alters facts or puts a spin or agenda behind a story, it bad. When they omit facts, it's bad. When the media tries to wrap up opinion and disguise it at news. That's fucking bad. How is this even debatable? Isn't this like "the Sun rises in the East"? Isn't this a basic truth? "Reporters" love to make believe they don't understand what Trump is saying. That is super frustrating. I guess they feel noble and important. But fake news equals propaganda. And that shit IS the enemy of the people.

Anyone concerned about who the next speaker of the house will be.

I give zero shits. The Right has the Senate. It's a wonderful way to stop any crap coming out of the House. Let Nancy Pelosi GET the gavel. Awesome! Let her get up there every day and talk trash. Whoever it is, they don't have an agenda. Other than coming at the President and making his life miserable. They have zero ideas on how to help the American people. Because the best way to help Americans is LESS Government and the Libs can't wrap their heads around that. So let Nancy or whomever it is get up there and bitch. It'll be tiresome and boring, but hopefully the Senate and the President can keep them from doing any real damage. Side bar: I kinda hope it IS Pelosi. I've developed a trick to distract myself from getting mad about what she's saying. I look at her boobs. Check em' out. They're huge. I think ol Nancy got a lift or implants or something. Good for her. They look great. She should be very happy. Those things are a lifesaver. Just turn down the sound and marvel. Another side bar: what the hell is in Nancy's teeth? Every time she's on TV she's struggling to suck something out from in between her chompers. Get it fixed, Nancy! Brush, floss, chew a stick of gum. Whatever it takes. It drives me bonkers! But congrats on the tits. I mean that sincerely. It took courage. You had to know we'd notice and you did it anyway. Courage!

Medical Errors.

The third leading cause of death in America is medical errors. Every day 685 people will die because somebody at the Hospital fucked up. Compare that to Gun Homicides which are 30. That's a BIG difference! Holy Balls! 685 to 30. And we're talking about Gun Control?! Are you crazy?! Lets talk about Hospital control! They're the ones doing the vast majority of the killing! Then you get the Democrats wanting to put Government in charge of healthcare! No Thanks! I cant imagine the piles of dead bodies that would stack up if Uncle Sam was doing the surgeries. Uncle Sam is really good at war. Good for him. But as a Doctor? He can blow me. I'm sticking with Dr. Kapoor. He's my gay Indian doctor. He's awesome. I think he wishes I was more famous, but what can ya do? I'm trying guy. So less talk about gun control and lets fix medical errors first.

Not having a better name for this column.

**"**Things that are bugging me" seems kinda lame. Lazy writing really. I'm gonna have to dig deep and come up with a better title. I hate being lazy. I'll be happier when I do the work and rename. guys have a great idea you just wanna give me! Woo hoo! Do you have one? If so, leave it in the comments below! That'd be swell.

Do YOU even have an idea for your own column? That's cool too! Doesnt even have to be every week. Write whenever you want. That's what this site is all about. Jump in! It all starts with signing in. I know its a hassle, but that's how the cookie crumbles. C'mon! (all the cool kids are doing it)

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Have been following and enjoying your career for a couple of years now, and am really liking the new videos, podcasts, and blog posts. Can always count on Michael for a big grin. More please!

And maybe a name for this series could be "Thoughts From The Loft" or something. But that's a little nose-in-the-air, which doesn't suit you at all, and it doesn't really sound ragey enough. Maybe something like "Michael's Mental Splinters". Just tryin' to help. ;)