Things that are bugging me. (Maybe Vol. 1 Not sure yet)

A list of random events that are driving Michael bonkers

Thought I would try this in hopes it would be cathartic or some bullshit. I guess we'll see. It usually helps me to make lists. So here's one for today.

The California wild fires. Aren't we sick of these? I live in LA and I've had enough. Here's the thing: Jerry Brown took about 100 million bucks out of the budget for a couple of agencies that would help prevent these far too frequent catastrophes. For instance: The budget for dead tree removal and Emergency water tank program went from 52.7 million to 8.5 million in 2017. California has way too many dead trees in over-crowded forests. They KNEW it and decided to do nothing. Worse, they decided to do less! The state of California doesn't seem to care if you lose everything to a fire. That's jacked up.

The Acosta video reaction. Everyone seems eager to jump on board the "Video was doctored" team. Stop. Do a tiny amount of research. The video wasn't doctored. The dude from InfoWars zoomed in. To highlight the action of Acosta's arm. When you zoom in, then make a copy of that, and import that clip into a different format, Video Compression happens. That's all. ANY Video editor will tell you the same thing. And beyond that, did Acosta's INTENT change? NO! He knocked her arm out of the way because he didn't want to stop his boring little debate with the President. If you're cool with that, then so be it. But please stop with "The Video was Doctored". Cause it wasn't.

Florida Voting weirdness. This shit has to stop. People need to get in trouble. Everyone likes to talk about Russia messing with our Democracy, but I swear, that Snipe chick seems like she has that business cornered in Broward County. How inept IS that lady? In 2016 she got in trouble for messing with ballots... and she's STILL THERE! How? She's got to go! This is what I hate about government jobs. You can be a complete buffoon and STILL have a job. Madness.

The lack of ANY kind of fairness in reporting. Here's a wacky stat: When Ricin was sent to the GOP? 2270 news stories. When fake bombs were sent to the Dems? 3,760,000 news stories. Weird huh? At least try to make it look fair. That's just gross. Media bias is real. Somebody needs to do something. Soon!

When you talk about Illegal Immigration and the other person starts acting like you hate Immigrants. How many times have we watched THIS play out on News shows? It's so boring. I'm actually in favor of Republicans carrying Air horns around, and the second a Dem tries to shift the conversation? BLAAAAAAAAAAAA! Right in the face! At least it would be entertaining.

Republicans acting like they don't bang. Sex is pretty awesome. Republicans have more sex than Dems. Why are people on the Right still acting like Puritans? There is no upside to walking around and behaving like the Church lady from SNL. NO ONE wants to hang out with a group who APPEARS to be ZERO FUN. Lighten the fuck up! I'm not saying you should run around banging homeless people, but try to not be ashamed of your sexuality. If you want to attract more people to the Right? Don't constantly portray yourself as boring ass wet blanket. The whole conservative movement needs to lighten the hell up.

I might do more of these. It seems to help. If you have something that's bugging you, let me know it the comments. Have a great day.-M