The Wall. If We Can't Figure THIS One Out? We're Screwed.

We've started a discussion about the Border Wall. You're invited.

The fight over the Border Wall is starting to change me. As long as I've been following politics, I don't think I've seen anything like it. Never before have I been witness to this level of total bullshit coming out of D.C.

Let me begin by saying that I'm Pro-Wall. I've felt that as a country we've needed to do something about illegal immigration for a long, long time. For a lot of reasons that I'm not going to go into here, because then it becomes a super dry list of statistics, cost analysis, demographics, blah, blah, fuggin blah. But rest assured, the facts are on my side. We can have it out in the comment section.

Every politician says they want Border Security. All the politicians vomit out the same old, "We need to fix our broken Immigration System," whenever they're on TV. So that's our starting point. EVERYONE AGREES on these two points. Everyone HAS agreed on these two things for quite some time. Like, since Ronald Reagan in the 1980's.

But there is a problem. There has been a problem for a looong time and we need to address it. Both sides argue and bicker and propose huge sweeping pieces of legislation, and it fails. The Illegal Immigration problem is kicked down the road. For years it's left unaddressed, and more and more illegals come across the border. They don't stop. Ever. This issue won't solve itself.

The numbers grow. It bears repeating, the actual number of illegals in America isn't 11.5 million. According to a recent study by Yale, it's 22 million. It's a big number and it's getting bigger everyday.

Along comes Trump with his talk of, "We will build a great wall along our southern border." Awesome theater. Good stuff for rallies. However, it resonated. It makes sense. It's simple.

Politicians can argue and fight and squabble, but we can build something that might just slow down the constant stream of people. The wall isn't perfect, that's a given. I don't want to get into a super boring terrain discussion. But a wall would work in a LOT of places.

To use a tired metaphor: If you were throwing a party at your house, and you invited all your friends, then an endless stream of uninvited people kept showing up? What would you do? You wouldn't stand around talking about it. You'd close the door and start telling the party crashers they had to leave.

That's what a wall does. While other people stand around talking, Americans could close the door. It's that simple. That's why a lot of people want the wall. That's why it resonated.

I give zero shits who pays. Listen kids, we all knew Mexico wasn't gonna write Trump a check with "Border Wall" in the memo. Moving on.

Nobody is stopping ALL immigration. There'll be none of that, "We're a nation of immigrants," nonsense. No SHIT! We all know we're a fucking nation of immigrants. That tired bucket doesn't carry water here.

We can discuss our immigration policy till the cows come home. In the mean time? Let's close the door. Build the wall!

Here's what's really starting to bother me: This is common sense. Everyone on both sides of the aisle agrees. Why won't they do something? Why the fight? It can't realistically be the cost. 5 billion is a drop in the proverbial bucket. And the savings alone from stemming the tide of humanity would cover the cost really fast. Yet Republicans in congress could barely scrape together enough votes to pass a bill along to the senate! What in the actual fuck was that all about?

Who's going to pick the lettuce? Do you really want more illegal immigration so you can underpay some poor soul to work in the field? Are you pro-slavery? Cause that's what I hear when I come across the, "Who will pick the crops?" argument.

Maybe with LESS illegal immigration we could pay those people who DO that work a decent wage! (That argument is the worst. It's soulless and mean. Sorry your salad just got more expensive by .50 cents! Blow me.)

Democrats don't want Trump to have a "win" on the wall. That's what it seems to boil down to. But people are dying. Cops are getting gunned down by illegals. The drugs are still pouring through. Kids are overdosing on drugs that came across the border. How can the Democrats do nothing? Why wasn't Republican support unanimous? It's really messed up.

It is beyond belief that Democrats are okay with dead Americans just as long as Trump doesn't get his "win." Is this what we've been reduced to? Seriously. That is NOT okay. At all. That's what got me all screwed up. I don't want to lose faith in the System. But I'm getting a lot closer to losing it. If our elected officials can't get our borders secured? We're fucked. Isn't that government's first job? Protect the citizens? Make sure no one messes with my God-given Rights?

Nancy and Chuck SAY they want drones and more of a high tech solution. Fine. When? What's the proposal? When will it go into action? That's what I want to know. WHEN? And you better not be lying, cause they promised Reagan they would secure the border back in the 80's and they did NOTHING and the situation just got worse.

So build us wall. It's important.

The dickheads and douchebags in D.C can fight and bark and scream at each other all they want. Just build the wall first.

Got ideas? Thoughts? Lets do this! leave em' in the comment section below.

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Well said Michael. I like to use the analogy of a leaking water valve. Your home is being filled with and uncontrolled flow of unwanted water. The first thing that any intelligent person would do is shut off the main (THE WALL). Once the main is off, you can take some time to repair or replace your leaking valve (IMMIGRATION POLICY). You also have a opportunity to clean up all of that water that’s ruining your floors. When the water is cleaned up and you have a working valve, then you turn on the main. No one is suggesting that we don’t accept immigrants, but wouldn’t it benefit all American Citizens if we knew who was coming in? Wouldn’t it be better to accept immigrants who had a useful skill so that they could earn a good living and become part of our GDP? I think that we would all agree that we have plenty of criminals, drug addicts, and generally lazy people. We could do so much more for our citizens who need help, if we stopped taking in people who can’t make it without help. Keep up the great work Michael.

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