The Video Trump Showed at the Press Briefing. Spoiler: They Didn't Like It.

Donald Trump shows 'propaganda video' during coronavirus press conference as he lashes out at media
Donald Trump shows 'propaganda video' during coronavirus press conference as he lashes out at media

President Donald Trump showed this video to a room full of stunned journalists at his daily White House coronavirus press briefing. The 'propaganda' video, d...

Michael Loftus

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(After posting this story, it's come to my attention that YouTube is having "issues" with the media. I've post 2 clips from different sources. For some reason neither one appears to be working. Hmmmm. You can also try watching the video right here.)

In a completely wonderful and bonkers moment Trump played a video of the media TO the media. Showing them in real time the reaction all the outlets were giving to the coronavirus. The hypocrisy was inescapable. They had to sit there and watch. Just some next level wonderful. They had come face to face with their own bullshit. What would they do? How would they react?

For the most part they acted as if it didn't even happen. In one completely predictable moment a reporter wanted to know, "Who made that? Did a government employee make that?"

Dude! You just watched a fucking montage of media LIES! And you want to know who made it? YOU DID! YOU'RE the star of this shot show! YOU!

CNN cut away. They didn't even show it. LOL.

And today when the clip is made public? It's called "propaganda." I guess we're all supposed to dismiss it as the ravings of a frustrated world leader. Here's the problem: We all saw it. Those clips weren't doctored. That's the shit the media said. And that's the date when they said it. That's not propaganda. That's history, bitches!

Header Image via the White House.

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