The President & First Lady Attend LSU vs. Bama. Crowd Goes Wild! [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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Wanted to post this to the site for a couple reasons. One? It's awesome. Two? The mainstream media isn't going to give it nearly the amount of coverage they gave to the Nationals fans. What's the big difference? Well, one took place in D.C. and the other took place in "Real" America. It's the perfect metaphor. D.C elites don't like Trump. But once you get outside the bubble? Skadoosh! Reality hits ya like a freight train.

People LIKE the direction the country is headed. People have more money. They have jobs and reasons to be optimistic. The mainstream media is doing everything they can think of to try and mold public opinion to get people to dislike Trump. but when you look at the reaction from the people in the stands of the LSU vs. Bama game...looks like it ain't working so well. Good.

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