The incredibly boring case of Jim Acosta

Don't let egotistical jerk-offs cover the White House. Let's use reporters instead.

Jim Acosta is a dick.

That I've taken the time out of my day to write a piece about him makes me question my own sanity. That I'm even THINKING about him gets me mildly upset. Because egotistical little douche-nozzles like Jim, like it when you talk about them. No matter what you say, on some level they dig it. And this guy is a World Class Douche-Nozzle.

So I thought I'd spend some time railing on him, for my own selfish needs. Because this guy must be mocked. A lot. We must actively make fun of this turd blossom at every turn. He is not a journalist. He's a shitty AM talk show host joint dressed up as a journalist. That's it. If he WERE an actual reporter, who was interested in the news and not his own political agenda it would be different. But it's not. This dried up piece of ball-sack in a suit is only interested in himself and the chip on his shoulder. It's so boring and predictable, if it was a talk show, it'd be cancelled.

JIm "the anus" Acosta will probably be the first one to tell you he only "Asks tough questions" and that's its his job to "question authority". Jim would say this with a straight face, because he's watched "All the Presidents Men" a hundred times and thinks that should have been HIM instead of Redford on screen. Here's the problem with Jim "the Roids" thoughts about himself. They aren't true. Sure, its a reporters job to do what he's described, but Jim DOESNT DO THAT! He's been covering politics for CNN since 2012. He had TONS of opportunities to ask Obama the "tough questions" and he never did! Remember when Jim "weird nipple" Acosta used to go toe to toe with Obama in some little debate club, shit show? Me neither. Cause it never happened! Acosta liked Obama. That's the big difference. This guy has a bias so big you could land jumbo jets on it! He hates Trump. We get it. Trust me, we ALL get it.

So, what Jimmy "the geek" does, isn't reporting. It's confrontation. And that's not why you're there, doofus.

Other reporters actually want to ask questions. Other outlets genuinely are curious about the President and his agenda and want to pass on information to their readers. Jim "the taint rash" doesn't. So why is he there? I'm glad the President kicked him out. He's a camera hog who actively takes time away from actual reporters. If the guy wants a talk show? Give him one on CNN. But don't make a room full of professionals endure this odious little shit persons antics any longer!

Jim will be back in the White House briefing room very soon. And I can only hope that Sarah Sanders is ready. Lets have some decorum. Lets have actual reporters do their job. And If Jim "don't look at me naked" starts his grand-standing bullshit again? Kick him out again! It will change nothing. He'll just keep talking smack. But at least he won't be in the building.