The Feds Will Keep Raising Rates on Trump because They Know He's Right!

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates on Trump AGAIN, because they know his ideas are better than Obama's.

They did it again. The Federal Reserve bumped up the interest rate. Juuust a smidge. This is what, the fourth time this year they've done it? Pretty sure they raised rates on Obama once. Maybe twice? I'll give em the benefit of the doubt. (Research bores me to tears and doesn't really affect the hypothesis of my little article. Let's just say this: They raised rates a LOT under Trump and barely touched em' during Obama.) Still with me? Okay, let's begin.

The Federal Reserve keeps doing this because they know Trump's ideas are better than Obama's. Yup, ol' Barack had to deal with "The Recession" (Ohhh, scary!) and the Fed sat back and thought, "These policies are crap. We gotta help this dude as much as humanly possible." And they did. Those Brainiacs sat back and made sure the rates were as low as possible. Because they KNEW Obama's policies would do little to no good. Remember Barry telling us all that we'd never see 3% GDP again? That those days were behind us? Yeah. Horseshit.

Well, here we are in year two of the Trump administration and shit is popping! Turns out you CAN crack 3% GDP. And it's easy! Get government out of the way! BOOM! Trump is cutting back on regulations, lowering the Corporate tax rate; all the stuff a normal person would do to stimulate REAL economic growth. It's not rocket science. It's common sense. And common sense is SO POWERFUL, it can withstand a near constant attack from the Federal Reserve.

Maybe they just hate Trump? That could be it. Maybe they want us to fail as a nation. Kinda don't think so. That's some "pure evil" shit right there and I'm an optimist. Which leads me to my conclusion: common sense business policies are SO POWERFUL, they can overcome this bullshit. Sure, now the Fed has wiggle room to adjust rates if something were to go really, really, bad. But from where I'm standing, it looks like the Fed knows what American business is capable of, and it's so great, they can raise the rates again and again and again. Really makes you think. What wonderful things could we accomplish with a Federal Reserve that was on the side of the Trump Administration?

Full disclosure: Michael isn't an economist. If he EVER gives you stock tips, he probably overheard two drunks talking at the bar.


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