The Delightful 'Outrage' Over the 'Send Her Back' Chant

Michael Loftus

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Clutch those pearls! Hold on to your panties! A group of people at a Trump rally chanted "Send Her Back" for 20 seconds last night. It's the end of America! This is proof! That's the reaction across the media landscape today. Across the Twitter-verse and the very heavens themselves if you watch any kind of news this morning. My reaction is a bit different. Because for me, this opens up a Pandora's Box of things to discuss. Shall we?

If you're outraged at this chant. If you're outraged at people saying words. Then certainly you're outraged when words become actual violence. When people get hurt. Not just their "feeeeelings." I'm talking about physical violence. The real stuff.

So let's discuss that for a hot minute. You want me to be upset over "Send Her Back?" Okay. I want YOU to be upset over Republican lawmakers getting shot on a softball field. I want you to be upset about an angry mob showing up at Tucker Carlson's house and trying to break the door down. I want you to be upset over EVERY single victim of Antifa violence. Including REPORTERS!

The media's silence about these events is deafening! The only thing worse is the Democrats' silence! And not only are the Dems quiet about denouncing groups like Antifa, in the case of Maxine Waters and her rhetoric, she seems to be CALLING for it! Ihlan Omar can't seem to bring herself to denounce Al-Qaeda for September 11. What in the actual hell is THAT?

So yes. Let's please talk about how "scared" we are about "Send Her Back." Let's talk about the "fear." Let's talk about how rhetoric becomes violence. Let's talk about people getting assaulted because they wore a red hat. Let's talk about the media demonizing anyone who dares to vote against Democrats. Let's talk about routinely hearing that it's okay to punch a Nazi, and everyone who supports Trump IS a Nazi. Let's talk about pre-judging groups of people. Let's talk about "Dangerous Rhetoric!" Let's talk about that shit ALL DAY LONG!

You can take your fake outrage and shove it where the sun don't shine. Call me when someone gets hurt. Someone like Andy Ngo. Do you even know who I'm talking about, media people? Cause he got the crap beat out of him the other day and you didn't say squat.

You'll pardon me if I'm not upset about "Send Her Back." I'm upset about actual violence.

-- The Mgmt.

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Michael  Loftus
Michael Loftus


Thanks man! Hopefully people will "share" it on FB & Twitter. Pretty sure TLP Social media is being dialed down by the powers that be. Ugh.

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Paul Hair
Paul Hair


I've shared it on MeWe and Gab.

Paul Hair
Paul Hair


This is an outstanding column!