Superhuman Warfighters

Superhuman abilities are emerging, and they will become more pronounced and widespread in the future. Advances in research and development are such that civilian and military leaders are now discussing how they will change the world. One of the more interesting aspects to explore is how they will alter national security. And I spoke with intelligence veteran J. F. Cicci about how superhuman abilities will affect the armed forces and wars of the future.

J. F. Cicci (pronounced: chi-chi) is a fellow Loftus Party contributor. But she also previously worked in military intelligence. I served in the U.S. Army Reserve as an all-source military intelligence (MI) officer from 2009-2013, she said. She also worked as a defense contractor for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) from 2012-2013, first as a counterintelligence (CI) assistant and then as a CI analyst. She held a top secret security clearance the entire time she was an MI officer and a DIA contractor.

I started by asking J. F. what role an intelligence analyst plays in forecasting technology, trends, and events that will affect the armed forces, national security, and the world.

A good intelligence analyst is extremely essential in forecasting different technology, trends, and events, she said, Analysts use their skills in applying inductive/deductive reasoning and critical thinking to identify patterns (such as behavior) and intelligence gaps on potential foreign intelligence entities, terrorists, and insider threats, she added. Their ability to rapidly process information into clear, concise intelligence also allows them to conduct predictive analysis which, in turn, is essential in forecasting significant events like a potential terrorist attack.

There are a lot of current and future threats to monitor and figure out how to counter. So what is the significance of national security experts, researchers, and science and technology experts discussing how superhuman abilities are emerging and how they will change life?

There is great significance when any expert, scientist, or researcher initiates serious discussion regarding superhuman abilities, J. F. said. Our nations armed forces, like any army, are limited by our own biological tendencies and capabilities. Any discussion by scientists on how to overcome a soldiers need to sleep or eat, or even how to increase their physical strength and endurance, could lead to the creation of safe scientific testing, prototypes, and eventual implementation of new weaponry, armor, or health supplements, which would revolutionize our ability to protect our nation. A revolution of this magnitude would result in a significant advantage over our adversaries.

She expanded on how superhuman abilities have the potential to drastically change both the future warfighter and the wars we will fight.

For the past 30 years, our military has been expected to do more with less, and developing a way to incorporate superhuman abilities would completely revolutionize how we fight and conduct missions. I have read about certain exoskeletons being created to provide additional armor to our military ground troops. If we are to continue this course, I do foresee a substantial increase of soldiers on the grounda complete reversal of the current trend of maximizing on drone/air strikes with minimal boots on ground.

I also predict methods being incorporated to maximize our human capabilities through the use of health supplements and genetic testing, she added. Anything that could increase the focus and memory of an analyst, or even the physical strength and agility of our ground troops, would be devastating to our nations foes, and will send a clear message of warning to anyone who dares to think about crossing us.

Technology constantly changes so it is always a security concern. But it has become an even graver concern as we learn more about how damaging espionage against American technology has become.

So the need for innovation to give the U.S. a fighting edge is as high as its ever been. And developing capabilities that would turn ordinary troops into superhuman warfighters would provide an advantage unlike anything the world has ever seen.

Photo at Top: A coalition security force member is silhouetted by moon light during a night operation in Pul-e 'Alam district, Logar province, Afghanistan, March 14, 2013. (U.S. Army photo byStephen Cline)

Note: The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.


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