Start Rebooting Stories that Progressives Love

Hollywood has created a niche industry out of turning old stories into progressive agit-prop. Time to turn the tables.

Martina Markota posted a video on July 30 in which she discussed how the Charmed television series is being rebooted with a new PC attitude. This is just one example in a trend of Hollywood retelling old stories with a woke bent. So let’s turn the tables. Let’s take stories and heroes that progressives love and reboot them in a different fashion.

Markota discusses in her video, “‘Charmed’ is Getting a Hispanic Feminist Reboot,” the different ways in which the planned TV series will be more progressive.

The planned reboot sounds like it will be the latest Hollywood effort to turn an old story into something that can be used to push a woke agenda. The new Star Wars films, the rebooting (or spin-off) of the Ocean’s Eleven franchise, the Ghostbusters reboot, Anne of Green Gables, and the announced Charlie’s Angels reboot are just a few of the other examples that immediately spring to mind.

And the progressive rebooting fever isn’t just limited to Hollywood. Comic books have been reimagining stories and characters to be more progressive too.

So Hollywood and the entertainment industry are locked in on taking old stories and turning them into vehicles to spread their propaganda.

Very well. Time to take stories and things that progressives love and give them a unique reboot.

Television series and movies are copyrighted and trademarked. So are contemporary novels and characters. And since progressives control all of these things, you can kiss goodbye the idea of rebooting any TV series, movie, or recent novel. But there are plenty of other sources of culture from which to draw stories and characters that can be reimagined in fun ways.

For instance, Project Gutenberg has a whole catalogue of literature that is in the public domain. And while some of the literature contains characters that still are trademarked (or in some other way owned by someone), many are not.

Publishers that publish series of classic literature are another good place to look for sources to reboot. Reading lists where progressives tell you about their favorite stories and characters is another way to find potential inspiration.

And it doesn’t have to stop there. Why not consider doing alternative historical fiction with historical figures that progressives adore?

Hollywood will never stop twisting and rewriting old stories. So the only logical response is reciprocity.

I already have a few ideas for retelling stories—or taking a wildly different perspective on common story themes—that would drive progressives and their supporters crazy. And if things work out right, I will get around to publishing them some day.


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