Sadiq Khan Doesn't Like Trump. Who Cares? [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan wrote a highly critical op-ed today, where he let it be known (again, yawn) that he doesn't dig President Trump. Well, the video kind of sums up my thoughts but let's keep going, just because it's fun.

Sadiq, you're kinda sucking as mayor. You're not really crushing it in the "best city in the world" category. Murder rate, stabbings, locking people up for having opinions you don't like.

You're not exactly the mayor of a shining city on a hill. And guess what? You never will be. Cause all those cities are in the U. S. of A., baby! Woo hoo.

Good luck with your city, Mr. Mayor. In the long run? Your little opinion doesn't matter.

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