Riots in Paris as French Dissatisfaction with Macron Continues [PHOTOS]

The Rebel’s Martina Markota provides original imagery of unrest partially attributed to anger over rising fuel prices.

Protests and riots occurred in Paris on Dec. 1. Legacy media reports that the turmoil is directed at President Macron, with French citizens being angry with him for how taxation is causing fuel prices to rise. Martina Markota of The Rebel witnessed the unrest in person, and she is providing original photos, video, and additional information on it.

On-the-ground reporting is difficult to come by, so it’s always a rare and welcome find when it’s available. Markota captured what happened and is posting it to her Twitter account. Her reporting provides some information you won’t easily find (if at all) in legacy media. For instance, she reports that the protesters and rioters might include people who are angry over things unrelated to taxation and rising fuel prices.

View the below tweets and video for her original info.

(Header image from a screen capture of Martina Markota video.)

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Michael  Loftus
Michael Loftus


Really amazing stuff! Top notch!!