Really Stupid Tweets from Your Betters, Oct. 20

Paul Hair

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Twitter’s value to society is revealing how terrible the people who rule over us are. They have contempt for us and they have some of the worst ideas you’ll ever hear. So here are a few of the latest examples of our leaders’ terribleness, courtesy of Blue Checks shooting off on Twitter.

It’s Russia, Yet Again:

“Hillary Clinton Suggests Tulsi Gabbard Is A ‘Russian Asset,’ Being ‘Groomed’ For Third-Party Run.” That’s the headline for an Oct. 18 Real Clear Politics post on something Hillary recently said. If you aren’t familiar with it, click on over to RCP to hear and read about it.

I’m no fan of Gabbard, and am more than happy to see this Democratic infighting. But I can also enjoy the humor of Hillary choosing to attack Gabbard with this accusation. Better yet, the rest of the Journalist-Democratic Party instantly latched onto promoting this conspiracy theory. Here is but just a bare few examples of what they spewed on Twitter.

There’s a “National Period Day,” and It Gets Even Stupider:

This garbage is absolutely ridiculous, and as you’ll see from the tweets, it doesn’t need any further introduction.

‘Crimes against Humanity’ for Not Waging in War:

Finally, there’s this gem from NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel.

That’s it for today. Thanks to Twitter for providing a forum for the people who rule over us to show just how terrible they are.

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