Really Stupid Tweets from Your Betters, Jan. 27

Paul Hair

Time for some more curated tweets that show what our Ruling Class betters think of us. And if you haven’t read the first post I wrote in what may turn into an ongoing series, make sure you check out that too.

Here we go.

Putin on a Russia Conspiracy Theory Show:

Even if you’re not a political junkie, you’re probably aware of the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory buffoonery that regularly comes out of the Ruling Class. Here is some of that from the past few weeks.

Covington Catholic Kids at the March for Life:

If you aren’t yet aware of this story (and what journalists, celebrities, and other Ruling Class members did to these school kids) then you probably aren’t reading this post. So with no intro needed, here are some of the Really Stupid Tweets to come out of this fiasco (so far).

For more on Reza Aslan, flashback to 2017 when he was “filming a segment on a Hindu sect in India.”

True Conservatives:

Always fun to see what T-Cons are saying (on a variety of topics, including ones mentioned above).


Whenever you hear some variation of, “Experts say . . .” it’s almost always followed by something incredibly stupid.

Finishing Up:

And, just in case you don’t have a bad enough taste in your mouth yet, here are two tweets to finish. They didn’t really fit any of the above categories but they definitely deserve to be recognized as Really Stupid Tweets.