Really Stupid Tweets from Your Betters, Jan. 13

Paul Hair

Twitter’s greatest contribution to society has been that it has revealed how much those in the Ruling Class absolutely hate average Americans. It has also shown everyone that RC members are not as smart as they think they are. So I figured I’d post a few of the latest really stupid tweets from our betters.

As the title suggests, this might be a regular or semi-regular feature. I don’t yet know. I also don’t know if it’s a rip-off of Twitchy. I’m not a regular reader of Twitchy, but when I do visit it, it seems to focus on one tweet at a time along with the responses to it. So I think my idea is different. And if it isn’t, just remember that there are countless rip-offs of The Onion.

Below are the tweets I curated for today. All of them are courtesy of Blue Checks; all of whom are journalists, professional pundits, or contributors to journalistic outlets.

Also, all of them come by way of Brian Stelter’s account (meaning he either tweeted or retweeted them).

If I have commentary on any of the tweets, I place it below said tweet.

Good for Trump. He shouldn’t dignify conspiracy theories.

It appears Stelter’s quoting from the Times article. (I’m not going to waste my time on the Times to verify if that is the case.) Anyway, think about how ridiculous it is for any journalist or Ruling Class member to accuse Trump of pushing a conspiracy theory when the Ruling Class launched an “investigation” of him based on the various conspiracy theories they have created and pushed.

True Conservative Amanda Carpenter.

Again, why should the White House waste its time refuting every accusation journalists level at it? And notice The Narrative: Whatever jouranlists say is True unless you prove otherwise.