Rapinoe Has Sucked the Fun Out of the World Cup

Michael Loftus

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Megan Rapinoe is bumming me out. Can you give it a rest for just one minute? Are there ANY other players on the team? Rapinoe is dominating the headlines with her particular brand of "anti-Trump-ness" and that shit has worn thin. Like, it wore out a couple weeks ago and it's still going on today!

Rapinoe said something to the effect of not many, if any, of her teammates would visit the White House if the women's soccer team won the World Cup Final on Sunday. Megan? How about you win first. THEN decide what you're gonna do. How 'bout that?

We get it. You hate the president. You kneel for the Anthem. (Which makes it look like you hate America by the way. Just sayin'.) You scream when you do stuff on the field. You said you're not going to "the fucking White House."

Ohhhhh, you're brash. Such language. You must REALLY hate Trump! Maybe there's an award for that? Hint: there isn't. All you do is piss off people like me. Tada! Mission accomplished.

I don't follow soccer. I'm one of those casual fans that only pays attention when its starts to get exciting. Like now. The USA Women's team is in the World Cup Finals. That's pretty awesome. Was I gonna watch? Probably. Cause it's the Finals. Will I watch now? Nope. Because of you. You sucked any possible joy out it. Congrats.

Here's a weird one. I really don't care who wins tomorrow. Usually I'm a "USA USA" kinda guy. But there is a part of me that wouldn't be bummed if you lose. YOU. I'd be bummed for your teammates. Ya know, the other people on the team that you highjacked by injecting YOUR politics? I'd be bummed for them. Not for you.

I'd kinda sit back and think karma smacked you around a bit. It'd be ironic, then I'd move on. Surpisingly fast. Your game is not the center of my life. Not even close.

You see Megan, this is a little blip. Your moment. Your TEAM'S moment. Is a little blip. And it feels like you've squandered it. Squandered it with your own agenda. No thought to the team. Selfish. Too bad.

But guess what? There will be another team USA in the near future and hopefully that one will be full of soccer players who just want to play and win. And if that happens, it'll be great and we can ALL celebrate. Everyone! That'll be fun! And you'll be an angry blip.

Yes, you can have your political opinions. That's grand. I can also have mine. So, good luck tomorrow team USA. I'll have to read about it online. Because right now I don't care who wins or loses. At all.

Congrats, Megan. WTG.

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No. 1-1

I would be really proud for the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team. I say this because it’s a game! I would also like to add that most Americans could give one shit what any of the women have to say with reference to politics! This includes all those celebrities that have a platform that the majority of Americans don’t have!

This is a women’s soccer team, not the Judiciary Committee, Finance Committee, etc. These chicks need to stay in their “Soccer Lane,” it’s not like “legal Americans” are going to take political advice from them!

Also, they represent The United States of America! If they can’t behave like proud Americans, I sure they can all be replaced by women that do love this country! Sorry, the can go to hell for acting like bitchy teenager!