Random Thoughts, April 23, 2020

Michael Loftus

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We've never needed an unbiased media more. We all knew it was bad before but now in the time of pandemic? Shit got real. We have really big decisions to make and we need facts. That's it. Some fucking FACTS please. We want to make informed choices. Not wade through a ton of political spin to try to figure our what the hell is going on. So now, in absence of an unbiased media we're making these big decisions based on our "gut feelings." I'm cool with that. Fuck it. Let's roll the dice. I'm all for opening up America. Let's go slow. Let's be cautious. But let's start. Kinda like walking on ice when you don't know how thick it is. We'll just keep sneaking out farther and farther.

The quarantine jokes are old. As a comedian, I'm kinda over it. Sure there's the occasional clip that'll make me smile but for the most part? Meh...yawn. I'm not laughing at the, "We're all staring out the windows like dogs," yuk-fest. Now watch me post a shit ton on Facebook right after this! LOL! Can't promise I won't.

Here's something I didn't see coming: This bizarre feedback loop of thinking I'm wasting time because I'm in lockdown, partnered with the feeling I SHOULD waste time because I'll never get this chance again. So I'm doing a shit ton of work and hating myself at the same time. Anyone else? I have to struggle to relax now! Fucking madness! People are binge-watching shows and I'm jealous! How? Teach me this skill Obi-Wan! All I've been able to do is play a little Zelda now and again. There's something about running around killing bad guys and getting better gear that makes me at least THINK I'm doing something! LOL! That's a GREAT game BTW. Just fantastic.

The other thing I've been able to do is try to improve my guitar skills. Here's an app that's been super helpful: Yousician. If you're thinking of learning piano, guitar, bass or ukulele? Grab this one up. It's been great! We recommend Yousician!

And another thing! I question EVERYTHING about this virus. Where it came from. How it got here AND what's the best way to move forward. That doesn't mean I want people to die. It doesn't mean I'm a crazy conspiracy theory guy. It means I want some answers. That's all.

We're all (hopefully) trying to maintain some optimism in the face of all this shit but some days are harder than others.

Let's keep these whack-o governors in check. I'm seeing some really disturbing things on the news and we can't let it slide. Can't buy seed? Sand in the skate parks? Moms arrested in the park with their kids? Dads arrested for playing ball with their kid? Curfews? Nope. We gotta push back on ALL that shit. The nitwits are there to protect our freedoms. We gotta make sure they never forget why they are in office.

Not every business needs an app. This shit needs to end too. They want me to use an app now at 7-11? Are you high? Jimmy Johns subs has an app. No. That's dumb. Stop. We should start a list of companies that have apps that shouldn't. We could also MAKE an app to determine if your company needs an app. HA! We could sell that! The app to find out if your biz needs an app! LMAO.

I cannot wait to go to the beach and learn to surf. Life is short and I need to do that ASAP. Probably means a trip to Hawaii, but I'm cool with that. Let's go! I'll look stupid but I give zero shits. When I get up on a wave...fuck. Yes.

Trump is exceeding my expectations. Dude is doing great. Not gonna go too much farther with this cause it's part of a bigger story, but let's just say I'm very happy with his job performance. Four more years!

Make an account here. Sign in. Post links. We can have a lot of fun. Do it. It's eclectic and hopefully smart and weird. That's how we like it.

You'll never be as young as you are right now. Ya hear me?

Have a great day ya sexy heathens! -- The Mgmt

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Things are looking up here in Michigan. Emperor Whitmer is having a press conference at 11:00AM 4/24.
Rumor is, she's going to allow people to golf and buy paint. Woohoo, So exciting.
I'm only 54, so very fortunate to have someone dictate what I can and can't do.