Progressives' Control of Media Means They'll Always Have an Endless Supply of Disgruntled Conservatives - One of the never-ending problems with progressives controlling all media (particularly journalism) is that when a conservative media org pops up, it doesn't really change much (especially since most conservatives are just stealth progressives). On top of this, it creates a new weapon for progressive media: disgruntled ex-employees of that conservative media org. Regardless of how well a conservative media org treats its employees, once they have to be let go there is a swarm of progressive media orgs that are just dying to have them condemn their former employer to "prove" that that lone, alternative voice is "right-wing, irresponsible propaganda." And since there always are disgruntled conservatives, there will always be plenty of ex-employees of any conservative media who will eagerly accept a chance to slam their former employer, and who will even hope they can turn such attacks into a second career . . . or at least get a pat on the head from progressives.


Michael  Loftus
EditorMichael Loftus