Lauren Southern’s ‘Farmlands’ Examines Murders of White South African Farmers

Paul Hair

President Trump announced on Aug. 22 that he ordered Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers. Journalists are now attacking the idea that any such problem exists. Yet Lauren Southerns documentary Farmlands offers evidence that Trump is right to be concerned. Farmlands covers the murders of white South African farmers and looks at the escalating South African government hostility against whites in general.

Trump made his announcement regarding South Africa through his Twitter account. Since then, journalists have rushed to deride him and propagandize against what he tweeted.

But Farmlands, along with other recent news, suggests that Trumps order to Pompeo is quite reasonable.

Southern, an independent journalist, author, [and] political activist, released Farmlands in June. You can watch the entire documentary (posted below) via her YouTube account. The film appears to show that there is much more going on in South Africa than what is covered in mainstream media sources.

A quick search of Secretary Pompeos, State Department spokesman Heather Nauerts, and the State Departments Twitter accounts doesnt reveal any responses to President Trumps directive to Secretary Pompeo. A search of the State Department website also reveals no response to the directive as of the time of this writing.