Pat Benatar - 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot' [VIDEO]

Pat Benatar - Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Live)
Pat Benatar - Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Live)

Music video by Pat Benatar performing Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Live).

Michael Loftus

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One of the problems with the Rock and Roll Hall is they put on a music show to go with the awards show. So as they pick who gets in the Hall, they also think of "the show." Fuck. That.

Whitney Houston gets in this year and Pat Benatar has to wait? Are you kidding me? Now don't get me wrong, Whitney was AMAZING!! However, I feel it's safe to say she wasn't known for her rock songs. Am I high? No. Pat Benatar WAS known for rock. THAT was her thing. Electric guitars...drums...the standard rock sound! It sucks. Big time.

So don't feel bad Pat Benatar fans. She'll get in. But the bookers for the Hall of Fame show will wait until they need her to balance out a show. Cause they're not interested in music as much as they are making money.

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