Oreo Cookie 'Pronoun Packs.' This Really Happened.

Michael Loftus

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Why? That has to be everyone's first question, right? Why would a cookie company do this?

We'll eliminate the obvious first. Pandering. They want the LGBT community to know, "We're with you! You should buy our cookies!"

Okay, fair enough. Go for it. Go ahead and bet the ol' Oreo Farm that the LGBT community is gonna buy so many freaking cookies that you won't need the rest of America. Cause a bunch of people don't like this crap. A bunch of people who buy a LOT of cookies.

I find this odd. IF Oreo was so about equality and this wasn't just pandering at a Pride event, why not offer these in stores? If you truly are taking the moral high ground with your gender bending cookies, why not sell em everywhere?

Because you're pandering. This is why corporate America should stay out of politics. You cannot win. All you can do is piss people off.

The LGBT community knows what you're doing and so does everyone else. What's worse is now people have an emotional reaction to your cookies. For a lot of people it's not a good reaction. I'm sure they'll probably choose to buy another cookie cause you chose a side to pander to.

(And if you're a member of the LGBT community, ask yourself: If they REALLY wanted to help spread the word, why NOT put em on shelves? HA! Are you mad? You should be.)

Let the Cookie Wars begin! The dumbasses at Oreo have pissed off both sides! LOL! Including me.

I don't want to buy a cookie from some company that's gonna try to tell me what words to use. Seriously, just who in the hell do you think you are? Why would you even entertain this notion?

Whoever brought this up at the big Oreo meeting should have his or her head examined. You make cookies. You don't take side on social issues. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want this to hurt sales. I really do. Someone needs to let you know just how offensive this is. That you would have the audacity to try to tell people what to think and what words to use.

And no, I don't care what pronoun people want to use. I really don't. His, her, it, Kleenex, fucko. I give zero shits. Cause guess what? I decide what pronoun I will address them as. Me. Not some ripoff cookie company.

I refer to Oreo as a ripoff cookie company because Hydrox is the original. Hydrox was introduced in 1908 and Oreos came out in 1912.

Hydrox are still available by the way. I wonder if this will help them gain back some market share? Hmmmm.

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