Okay, Now Marvel Is Making Me Laugh

The Marvel Universe has a large expanse of Dork Matter.

That is, an amorphous blob of good think which is choking out a good percentage of their potential readership.

Daddy Warpig lays out the controversy. Start here. We'll wait.

What started with an innocuous "girls rule" Tweet by the female writers at Marvel and ended up being a ginned up rage fest under the #MakeMineMilkshake hashtag. Not since Lady Ghostbusters has there been so much made of so little.

The offense:

Then came the White Knights:

And like the Lady Ghostbusters nontroversy, it is doing more damage than it's supposedly combating.

The Secret Wars have begun and woe to you boy geeks who just enjoy comic for what they are.

It's no secret that historically, comics mirrored the society of its time and addressed social issues from a left leaning perspective.

Marvel in recent years has decided not only to double-down on the social messages but also to go full on into being a progressive force for "social justice."

There is nothing wrong with addressing social issues or even taking a side in it. It's the open hostility and aggression of these warriors that is off-putting and will certainly hurt sales.

As Daddy Warpig alluded to in the above video, the circle for Nazihood has been expanded to include people who vote differently than Marvel writers and editors.

Most people don't want to be "woke", even more don't want to be labeled haters in entertainment that they are paying for.


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