Obama’s Libya War Still a Disaster; No One Seems to Care

Paul Hair

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Barack Obama started a war in Libya in 2011. It resulted in the overthrow, sodomization, and execution of then Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. But it didn’t end there. In fact, it didn’t end at all. Libya has been in a state of perpetual war to this day. Yet no one seems to care about it. This is particularly interesting since the leader of one faction in the war, Khalifa Hifter of the Libyan National Army, appears to be an American citizen.

In 2011, Obama, with encouragement from then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, decided to launch a war in Libya. Gadhafi was soon thereafter brutalized and dead, and the chaos of war has enveloped the nation ever since.

Yet American journalists and the ruling class have paid little attention to it, even after it was learned in 2017 that slave markets were operating in Libya.

The lack of interest becomes even more noteworthy considering that Hifter of the Libyan National Army seems to be an American citizen. Here is what The Navy Times reported on Aug. 28.

But in April, U.S. forces were pulled from Libya due to heightened unrest after Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter’s Libyan National Army launched an offensive against the U.S. and United Nations-backed government in Tripoli. Hifter, a former CIA asset, was exiled during Gadhafi’s leadership, and settled in Langley, Virginia, in the 1990s. He eventually obtained U.S. citizenship before returning to Libya in 2011.

So did Hifter really gain America citizenship? If so, does he still have it? Did the U.S. strip him of it? Did he renounce it?

All interesting questions. And they, along with everything else mentioned above, are plenty of reasons for journalists and the ruling class to be spending a lot of time on the war in Libya.

They won’t, of course, because to do so would bring unwanted attention to this aspect of the Obama presidency—something they simply do not want to happen.

So they’ll continue downplaying it.

But the war and the disaster won’t go away. Neither will the fact that Obama is responsible for it.

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