No Consequences for Democrat Joe Kennedy Running Influence Ops for Venezuela

Kennedy has never had to answer for propagandizing for Venezuela.

Democrat Joe Kennedy, of the Kennedy political family, ran influence operations for Hugo Chavez and Venezuela starting as early as the mid-2000s. And he did so in concert with promoting his Citizens Energy Corporation. Yet he has never suffered any consequences for propagandizing on behalf of the Marxist nation.

Kennedy is a former U.S. representative for the 8th congressional district of Massachusetts. He exited from the House in 1999. Starting at least as early as the mid-2000s (according to the date on this video provided by Human Events), he began running commercials—influence operations—touting how Hugo Chavez’s Citgo corporation was helping his Citizens Energy Corporation deliver cheap oil to the American people. The commercials portray Americans as living in a country so terrible that they would have frozen to death if not for the generosity of Chavez and Kennedy.

The propaganda is so blatant that I found two commercials (at the top of this page and below this paragraph) that show Kennedy pretending to work on an oil platform and pretending to deliver the precious black gold to freezing Americans, all the while he praises Venezuela. On top of this, one of the phone numbers Kennedy was using for Citizens Energy at the time was 1-877-JOE-4-OIL.

The propaganda was appalling; done out in the open and for a horrific, Marxist regime. Chavez is now dead but his successor Nicolás Maduro has stayed the course and made Venezuela even worse—a failed state with oppression and starvation everywhere. Yet no one has ever held Kennedy, or anyone associated with his influence operations, accountable. And there’s no indication anyone ever will. In fact, Kennedy is still chairman and president of Citizens Energy Corporation.

The Kennedy name is one reason he and his cohorts will never face accountability. Like the Clintons, the media and Ruling Class protect the Kennedys at all costs. On top of this, the media won’t hold Kennedy accountable because they also provided propaganda for Venezuela.

So keep this all in mind as the media continue promoting their Trump-Russia conspiracy theory. And keep it in mind as the Ruling Class continues its investigation of said conspiracy theory.


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