Michael Loftus Talks with ‘Fox & Friends’ about Trump, Jimmy Kimmel and More

The Loftus Party founder answered questions about culture and politics.

Michael Loftus took some time out of doing shows in Las Vegas to appear on Fox & Friends on Sunday. Hosts Ed Henry, Abby Huntsman, and Pete Hegseth talked with him about the media bashing Trump, Jimmy Kimmel telling politicians what to do, and more.

Fox & Friends reported on a Rasmussen Reports survey (taken during May 14-15) that found that 43% of likely U.S. voters think there is too much Trump-bashing in popular culture. The hosts of the popular show asked Michael if he thinks the media and comedians need to dial back their attacks on the president. “Let them go. Let them bash,” he said. “Bash away media. It just makes more people want to vote for him. It’s good for me. I love the guy.”

Fox & Friends also played a clip of Jimmy Kimmel ripping into politicians for not doing what he wants them to do in response to school shootings. “I don’t dig this whole thing where Jimmy Kimmel is the conscience of America,” Michael said when asked to respond to it. He later added, “Here’s the question I want Kimmel to ask: Why are these young men doing this?”

Still later he noted, “And we got little boys growing up and they’re like, oh, toxic masculinity. You’re toxic cause you’re a guy. We need to find a way to help these kids grow up to be fine young men. And you can’t even send them to the Boy Scouts anymore. They got rid of that.”

Play the video to watch the entire Fox & Friends interview.


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