Michael Loftus Talks with ‘Fox & Friends’ about Increasing Progressive Rudeness

Paul Hair

Michael Loftus was on Fox & Friends on Sunday and provided his thoughts regarding increasing instances of progressive rudeness, including the recent revelation that Seth Rogen embarrassed Rep. Paul Ryan in front of Ryan’s children.

“I couldn’t believe he said no,” The Loftus Party founder said in reference to the liberal Rogen telling the Republican House speaker, in front of Ryan’s kids, that he wouldn’t pose for a photograph with him. Rogen and Ryan were “at an event on brain health hosted by Mitt Romney.”

“What’s wrong with Seth Rogen?” Michael later said. “I know he’s from Canada and maybe he doesn’t know how our government works but Congress writes the checks. So if there’s somebody you want to be nice to, it’s Paul Ryan.”

Watch the video in the above embedded tweet for a clip of the Fox & Friends interview.