Meet Lithuanian Bodyguard Simona Daumantienė [VIDEO]

Paul Hair

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Simona Daumantienė is a close protection agent for the Dignitary Protection Department of the Lithuanian government. On Sep. 12, NATO released a video of her demonstrating her duties and providing a voiceover.

“Simona Daumantienė works as a bodyguard, aka a Close Protection Agent, for the Lithuanian government and is also training to be an officer in the Lithuanian army reserves,” the caption for the video reads. “She talks about her role as a bodyguard, what the job entails, and why she chose to become an elite member of a close protection unit.”

So out of all the Lithuanians to choose from, why did NATO choose to highlight Daumantienė? I’m sure we’ll never know.

Video: Via DVIDS. Credited to Natochannel.

Note: The appearance of visual information from DVIDS does not imply or constitute U.S. Department of Defense or government endorsement.

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