Mayor of Portland Gets Shouted Down by Protesters [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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Ted Wheeler decided to address the mob last night. Why not? He's cool. He's their bud! He lets 'em riot and burn stuff EVERY NIGHT for like 54 nights in a row! LOL. So you'd think the mob would love him, right? Wrong. They gave zero shits. Quickly shouting him down. Hahahahahaha! Now cue the feds and the tear gas. Hilarious. Then Ted was whisked away by his own security.

Let's recap: The mob doesn't like him. The citizens of Portland don't like him. Aaaaaand he just got tear gassed. It's because he sucks.

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He also got assaulted if you look for live feeds from that night cuz I watched it unfold in real time and I’ll watch it again tonight I wanna see their tactics 😉