Libyan Warlord with U.S. Citizenship Now Supposedly Backed by Russia

Paul Hair

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President Obama started a war in Libya in 2011 and it’s been ongoing disaster ever since. And one of the most under-covered aspects of the war is that the leader of the Libyan National Army, Khalifa Haftar, is a dual Libyan-American citizen. The U.S. Ruling Class had backed Haftar in Libya decades ago. Now, Russia supposedly does. And the Trump administration is left dealing with a giant mess.

According to open-source reporting, Haftar and the U.S. government had some sort of relationship starting in the late 1980s. Eventually he wound up in Virginia and gained American citizenship.

(While I definitely wouldn’t trust the details of any open-source reporting, the fact that Haftar ended up in Virginia and with American citizenship makes it probable that the Ruling Class did indeed have a connection to him.)

Flash forward to 2011 and later, and Haftar is back in Libya. Earlier reporting indicated the Trump administration may have considered working with him. But current reports suggest otherwise and claim that Russia is now backing Haftar.

So, not only is an American citizen leading an armed faction in Libya, but the U.S. may end up outright opposing him. On top of this, the Ruling Class previously supported this warlord—and now Russia reportedly is. Shouldn’t this be one of the biggest stories right now—especially with all the hysteria over the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory? Shouldn’t there be endless bloviating about it and investigations into it? Shouldn’t Hollywood, and pundits, and politicians, and other no-nothings be freaking out over it?

Of course. And that is why none of these things are occurring.

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