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Libertarian Heads to CPAC Long After Libertarians Stopped Going To CPAC

Tomorrow I’m getting on a plane to go somewhere I never thought I’d go: CPAC. Honestly, I wouldn’t be going if I wasn’t there for a purpose. So while I’m attending mostly for on-site podcast content and coverage of the event, and future connections for for the KLRNRadio gig (all of which is also something I never thought I’d say), I also feel like it’ll be a bit like visiting a zoo. From what I’ve heard, there’s always a spectacle characteristic to it. Which I am so THERE for!! While I converge with some conservatives on some beliefs, and have many conservative friends (some of whom I’ll be lucky enough to spend the time with) I am pretty firmly (l) libertarian. Luckily I carry a trait that seems to be slowly disappearing from human DNA: the ability to like people for reasons completely unrelated to similarities or differences in political leanings. I suppose this still appears in humans who are not on social media very much, and even for those who are, when they’re not online. But as soon as that internet mask goes on, the gloves come off, even with people who actually know each other. Also lucky is the fact that the people I know for sure I’m going to see also feel grace toward me. I’ll cross the bridge of meeting new people and deciphering how they feel and if I care when I come to it.

I accept the responsibility of watching and covering CPAC from a media point of view, albeit opinion media, and hope to do so while letting any bias show only on air with my team. And ok, probably definitely in any tweets I post. When I record anything, it’ll be here:

If I write anything, it’ll be here here. Feedback before during and after is welcome. Not promising I’ll address it, but I’ll read it. Meantime, wish me luck!

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Michael  Loftus
Michael Loftus


Woo Hoo! So jealous that you're going!! Have a blast! We need... no... we DESERVE massive updates! You gotta be our eyes and ears! We want the CPAC inside scoop!