Legit Question about the Mueller Report: When Did Mueller Know?

Michael Loftus

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Full Disclosure: We have way more than one legit question about the Mueller Report, but this one is at the forefront today.

When did the investigation of Trump switch from collusion to obstruction?

This is bugging me in a Columbo kind of way. (Columbo was a TV detective in the 70s who would pick up on seemingly harmless statements and crack the case by following up on them, for all you millennials out there.)

When Mueller was testifying in front of Congress the other day he said something to the effect of, "We shifted our investigation from collusion to obstruction."

That one kind of slid right by in the moment but I keep coming back to it. They shifted the investigation. So they were all done with collusion or conspiracy and they moved on to something else. When? What's the timeline? I'd really like to know when they decided there was no collusion.

And why didn't they tell anybody? You know, like a good news, bad news press release. "Dear America, good news, the president isn't a traitor. Bad news, we still need to look into a couple of other things." (Personally I think the obstruction case is a sham but we'll pretend it isn't for now.)

My point is this: How many votes did the Democrats pick up in the mid-terms because some Americans thought there was a chance that Trump WAS an agent of Russia?

IF that was a concern (real or imagined) for voters, wasn't Mueller and his team compelled to tell the people there wasn't a problem? Why would they let the charade continue to play out night after night on all the big news channels? Were they cool with letting the voting public be mislead? Isn't THAT in itself election tampering? When a big chunk of people are being lied to night after night, isn't it important that they know the truth? When there is AN ELECTION RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER? Can you blame people for blindly voting Dem when they think they're saving the country from a Russian agent? I guess Mueller and his team were cool with that. That's a super scary thought!

If they knew there was no collusion they should have told the people right away. I would very much like to see a timeline of the Mueller investigation. Who knew Trump didn't collude with Russia and when? Why didn't they say anything? When did the investigation shift to obstruction?

It seems like a ginormous sin of omission to keep that info hidden from the public. Especially when it so drastically effected the mid-terms.

Sure, there's ton's of other questions we have about the report. FISA warrant questions. Fusion GPS questions. Etc. Etc. But the timeline of the switch from collusion to obstruction is the one that's bugging me today.

How about you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks. -- The Mgmt

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