Joe Biden Has a New Ad & It Is Nutty! [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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Let's just start by saying, "Wow! Is this a campaign ad or the trailer to a new Hunger Games with old people movie?"

I'll just tick off some of the moments that jumped out at me.

1. "We know in our bones this election is different." What in the fuck does that mean? "We know in our bones." How about what we know in our brains. How about we use our minds and solid reasoning. Let's do that. Ol' Joe is betting the farm on "feelings." Not a new tactic but damn if this one isn't over the top! "We know in our bones." HA! Are we voting for president or a vampire hunter?

2. Hordes of racists. Again: Holy Shit! The edit is outrageously over the top! Torch bearing mobs of racists marching everywhere! I guess we're supposed to assume this is a nightly event across America. Lock your doors! The sun is going down and the tiki torch mob is coming! Hide in the cellar! We need vampire hunter Joe to save us! Big time dystopian Hunger Game vibes here. Then cut to: Trump nodding in agreement, as if to say, "Go forth my minions. Do my bidding." Scary and hilarious at the same time. It's Scar-larious!

3. Series of shots of Obama doing stuff and Joe looking on. Yes, please remind the viewer that you stood around while other people actually worked. Not hero shots of Joe, mind you. Hero shots of Obama and Joe just being nearby. LOL!! Like just being close to Obama's "greatness" works like radiation, infecting people who were standing too close. If that's how it works, Dems should be running Obama's secretary! How many RADS of "wonderful" did she soak up every day? Probably more than Joe!

4. Bragging about nothing. This is where it takes a dip into "history." Joe claims they saved the economy. People told Obama to write a big fat check and bail out big business. He did. He wrote a check. With OUR money. Wouldn't brag too hard on that. Then? Obama's policies kinda laid there like an old Kleenex. Dude couldn't get GDP to 3. Thought you needed a magic wand. Yeah...Joe shouldn't brag on the economy.

Cut to: Obamacare. "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor." That was a lie SO big it STILL hurts. Don't brag on Obamacare.

Cut to: "Record investment in America's schools." Sweet Jesus. Just tell me your gonna burn my money in front of my face. Hint: Our schools suck. We've been throwing more and more money at them for decades. It doesn't work. Find a solution other than, "Throw more money at it!"

Cut to: Wind and solar energy. Ha!! Solyndra? Anyone remember that? Ouch. And there's literally not enough room in America for all the wind turbines we would need if we wanted to replace natural gas and coal. Which leads me to this: Hi coal industry! The Dems want you all in the unemployment line. Have a nice day!

5. Close on: Trump. Voice Over. "Erratic, vicious, bullying president." So much evil!! Be afraid! Aaaand back to Hunger Games. Only smilin' Uncle Joe and his trusty hugs of love can save the country! It's not so much a political ad as it is a trailer for a straight to DVD "B" movie.

It would be so much funnier if it wasn't real. Is anyone going to vote for, "Joe Biden: Vampire Hunter, Hunger Games Guy?" Kinda doubt it.

-- The Mgmt

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