Jeb Bush Attacks Trump while Left-Wing Editor Calls Bush 43 ‘Monster’

Paul Hair

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Somewhere along the way, for unknown reasons, conservatives decided that they’d make denouncing their own a virtue—something intended to win them favor with the Smart Set on both sides of the aisle, but particularly with leftists. It has never worked. Leftists are happy that conservatives do their dirty work for them but they despise them no less. A recent tweet from Jeb Bush along with another one from Parker Molloy (an editor-at-large for Media Matters for America) demonstrate this truth.

On Oct. 4, Jeb Bush virtue signaled to the left that he is a “good person” because Trump’s behavior bothers him.

Two days later, Parker Molloy lets the world know what she thinks of Jeb’s brother.

Conservatives will undoubtedly continue with the bizarre practice of denouncing their own, and leftists will continue hating them all the more. Meanwhile, I’ll sit back and laugh at it all.

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