In January Trump Joined the Trillion Tree Initiative. Did YOU Know?

Planting A Trillion Trees!
Planting A Trillion Trees!

Plant a trillion trees? Who's doing that? And why? Comedian Michael Loftus of The Loftus Party knows! And it's all good! The theory is: If you plant a trillion ...

Michael Loftus

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This story went so completely unnoticed by the media it should almost be criminal.

Here's the bullet points:

A group of scientists came to the conclusion that a trillion trees would effectively stop global warming. They started the Trillion Trees Initiative. Trump joined in immediately. This is a real action that makes a real difference. No new laws. No new regulations. Just a trillion new trees and a better environment. Boom.

This is a global effort with a group of people who have already planted over a billion trees. (RELATED: There Should Be a Word [VIDEO])

This is an ongoing effort that deserves way more attention. One would think that people who were truly concerned about global warming would be dancing in the streets...and then planting some trees!

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