In Defense Of #BasedMom

YouTube just labeled some very factual videos from an actual feminist as 'potentially objectionable'.

I don't pretend to understand the ins and outs of #GamerGate or exactly why folks involved in that issue call Dr. Christina H. Sommers #BasedMom. What I do clearly understand is that when it comes to women's issues and free speech, there is no one I would rather have my teen daughters tuning into.

If you are not familiar with Dr. Sommers, she is a Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute who, according to her bio, is best known for her defense of classical liberal feminism and critiques of gender based feminism. I became familiar with her writing and YouTube video series "The Factual Feminist" during the Rolling Stone rape hoax and have been a follower ever since.

While I know that Dr. Sommers is a free speech advocate who defends the civil liberties of young men and is highly critical of the less than rigorous statistics used by the gender feminist movement, I could not tell you her political leanings. I have seen her cast as a Conservative and a Liberal at various times and honestly don't care. We wholeheartedly agree on the lack of rigor in the 1 in 5 rape statistic used by the White House and others to destroy the civil liberties of young men, the dangers of silencing of alternative points of view on college campuses and other pieces of the gender feminist narrative that are at best misleading and at worst intentionally so.

So imagine my horror when yesterday as I was scrolling Twitter I came across a tweet that said 20 videos in her series had been classified as "potentially objectionable" by YouTube.

This follows YouTube marking 21 educational videos by Conservative leaning Prager University under the "restricted mode" category, usually reserved for adult and sexual content.

Having watched both video series, both full of classical liberal (that's Libertarian folks. I know it's confusing) and data driven analyses and ideas, I think I clearly understand why they are "objectionable". Both take very popular narratives in the far Left Progressive movement and deconstruct them with facts, data and objective support.

Here is Dr. Sommers talking about the five feminist myths that will not die. Many of them are used by international organizations such as the United Nations and our own Administration to advocate for action.

Horrible stuff isn't it? Using source material and actual data to debunk some of the most popular talking points gender based feminists and progressives use to advance their agenda. For her trouble and thorough research, Dr. Sommers has been treated as a thought criminal on college campuses where she is invited to speak, has received threats and required security to be able to complete her speaking engagements. The incubation of true buttercups on our university campuses has produced a generation of young women who can't listen to data and facts without, in their own words, feeling assaulted.

I am a mom. I have raised boys and girls. Here's what I don't want. I don't want the civil liberties of my sons violated due to false rape statistics and a narrative. I don't want my daughters going to college and thinking there is a one in four chance they will be sexually assaulted. Nor do I want them entering the workforce believing that they make three-quarters what their male co-workers make. I don't want any of them listening to the most radical feminists who say all heterosexual sex is rape or that all men need to eliminate their masculine characteristics in order to be less dangerous.

So I am angry at YouTube. Furious in fact. That they would label something so well presented and fact based as Dr. Sommers as "objectionable". What is truly objectionable is YouTube's presumption that they need to control what we see to prevent us from getting "wrong thoughts". If you value free speech and factual discourse on gender related issues, please follow Dr. Sommers on Twitter at @CHSomers and subscribe to her video series The Factual Feminist on YouTube. More important, share the facts she presents with your daughters. There is no other country on earth where women enjoy such freedom to pursue their dreams and potential as the United States. Don't let them believe otherwise.