Impeachment Move Is All about Hearts and Minds. Not the Law.

Michael Loftus

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I'm not a lawyer. Always want to remind people of that. OK, with that out of the way I'd like to say that this whole "impeachment" move by the Democrats reeks to high heaven. I mean it REALLY stinks. Everything about it. And it's scary as all get out.

There's no downside for the Dems on this one. They are getting everything they want. Impeachment, which they know won't happen, would just be a bonus. The real prize? The hearts and minds of undecided voters. The person who doesn't pay that much attention to politics. The person who only has heard the constant drumbeat of "Trump is a criminal" across the airways for the past 3 years.

If it was a movie I wouldn't believe it. Yet, here we are. The Dems and the media have been incredibly consistent in their messaging. Two and 1/2 years of "Trump's a Russian spy" with zero let up. And when the Mueller Report came out? Zero apology for being wrong. Because it wasn't about being right. Again, being right would've just been a bonus.

The real game is getting more people on their side. To be able to crush any future Republican/conservative threat with sheer numbers. To have so many people vote Democrat no Republican candidate would ever stand a chance. Kind of like what happened to California.

So here we are in fake impeachment land. And in my opinion that's exactly what this is. Yes, I read the transcript of "The Call" and there just isn't any quid pro quo. Trump doesn't bribe, coerce or blackmail anybody. He isn't looking to "dig up dirt." He's looking into corruption. All the newscasters and pundits like to say, "Trump isn't above the law." He isn't. Neither is Joe Biden or Hunter. The media's lack of curiosity about those 2 is truly shocking.

Trump is also not, "Below the law." The way the Dems have played out this dystopian theater piece is the stuff of nightmares. Secondhand knowledge from a whistleblower with ties to a Dem. presidential campaign. A whistleblower who didn't follow the normal procedures. Who ran to congress before the IG. Adam Schiff just fabricating dialogue and later calling it "parody." Nancy Pelosi not calling a vote to make it "official" because then Republicans would have subpoena powers too and just might defend the president. Dems releasing little "tidbits" of text messages and testimony to control the narrative. the list just goes on and on.

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." -- FDR

It's all about controlling the narrative and I don't think it looks good for the Right. There just aren't enough outlets to broadcast any kind of pushback. And the hits just keep coming from the Dems and the media. "Oh, Rick Perry is caught in the crosshairs now," or, "Oh, Giuliani has been subpoenaed!" It's all just bombastic headlines that lead nowhere, but it keeps the narrative going. And it's all right on time. Eerily on time.

The attorney general is looking into the origins of the Trump/Russia conspiracy BS. That should be a barn burner. The Dems and the Swamp are running out of time. They gotta do everything they can to discredit Trump and his supporters as fast as they can. It looks like the Swamp is deeper than anyone expected and they won't give up easily.

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