ICE Raids? Or No Ice Raids? Congress Needs To Act!

Michael Loftus

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President Trump just put a two-week hold on deportations at "the request of Democrats." Evidently he's hoping that in the meantime Republicans and Democrats can get together and fix some of the asylum and loopholes at the border. If they don't? Trump says deportations will be happening.

In other words, nothing's going to happen for two weeks. If Republicans and Democrats haven't done anything yet, I don't see why the president would think they would suddenly jump into action. This would seem to be a problem that no one in government (except Trump) wants to fix.

It's beyond a headscratcher. As my grandmother would say: It's beyond the beyond!

Border security is what I would like to think of as a no-brainer. Without secure borders you really don't have a country. You have some land and a bunch of people who just wander around on it. There's no way to organize or plan for the future. All the stuff you kind of need. While we're at it, let's throw in the fact that you really don't know who they are. Or if they are actively planning your demise. That's kind of the doomsday scenario.

Let's also set aside the money it costs to take care of all the illegals once they arrive in the ol' U. S. of A.

For this article we'll only focus on dead Americans. 130 people die every day from opioids. That's 72,000 a year. The number is staggering. These are dead Americans. Oh, and if you're wondering, gun deaths were 1,300.

So guns? 1,300. Drugs? 72,000. Lots of anti-gun marches but not a lot of, "Let's not let 72,000 Americans die every year marches." WTF?

Here's a NYT article in case you're already calling bullshit.

It's an insanely bleak picture. And no one in DC talks about it.

That's the upside to Trump's deportation threats. It will force lawmakers to at LEAST address the problem. Sure, it will start ugly. Lots of talk about "innocent' people and how they deserve asylum, but then (hopefully) the bigger issue will be addressed. Our border is a joke. Human trafficking, drugs and lord know what else are flowing into our country and Congress needs to step up.

You know where I'm going with this, right? We need a WALL. Anyone with half a brain knows that the dipshits in Congress are going to come to some ALL encompassing grand compromise that deals with EVERY issue of our "Broken Immigration System". They have been saying this since the 80s. Nothing changes.

Well nothing but more and more dead Americans. That number (and number of illegals) just keeps growing and growing. Enough.

If it takes the threat of mass deportations to get Congress to finally act? So be it. Good.

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