I’m Cheering on Men in Women’s Sports

Female wrestler wins NC high school championship
Female wrestler wins NC high school championship

A female wrestler has made history by winning the state high school wrestling championship in North Carolina. (Feb. 27) Subscribe for more Breaking News: htt...

Paul Hair

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I’ve had a change in my beliefs. I’m now cheering on the idea of men competing in women’s sports. My change in thinking has occurred because of the rules that America has established. In other words, America wants females competing in male athletics, and it wants women fighting in combat alongside men (which is a way bigger statement about what America thinks of women’s physical abilities). In fact, it doesn’t just want those things; we aren’t even allowed to question them any longer.

So if those rules are set in stone—if society has evolved and it’s impossible to ever “turn back the clock”—then my views are going to evolve as well. And I’m going to advocate that the rules apply evenly to everyone.

This means it’s time for men to be able to compete in any and all women’s athletics. In fact, there shouldn’t even be such a thing as “men’s athletics” and “women’s athletics” any longer.

It’s time to make everything equal for everyone. #YourRules

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